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Greg Heffley
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hey guys, how is it going? it is me, Gmannytheanimator(gmanny212)

My real name is Greg Heffley

I like to watch original horror movies(For The Win!) Support the Originals Stamp by PsychoSlaughterman actually, original movies in general..
Shows and channels I despise: Disney Channel I HATE Disney Channel :Stamp: by KooboriSapphire

Nickelodeon, modern nick :thumb318897280:

and Cartoon Network, at least the one W/out Cartoon Cartoons, and Toonami....
Orignal Cartoon Network Logo Stamp by NaruHina2010

The only show I watch on CN anymore is Adventure Time, next to Tom and Jerry, and Looney Tunes, but fuck the looney tunes show.. it is just mainstream
Looney Tunes Show isn't funny y'all by FurryLucarioReturns

I Love to listen to Beatles Animated Stamp by robdevenney , Cutting Crew stamp by Dark-Scratcher , Bon Jovi Stamp 2 by PixleRelish , Journey Stamp by MasterGallade , Genesis Stamp by Giga-man , Peter Gabriel by ChibiKinesis , Matchbox Twenty by couldhavebeenking ,
, Queen Stamp by poserfan (HELL YEA!) EPIC WIN by Uberzers

I like to watch The Twilight Zone Stamp by GmannyTheAnimator , Toonsylvania Stamp by GmannyTheAnimator , Tales From The Crypt Stamp by Aimee-Valentine-Art , Creepshow Stamp by Aimee-Valentine-Art , Fox Kids Stamp by XGBlue , and many other shows... too many to name..

I dont ship.

So true: :thumb311960211: , Justin Bieber Sucks by Azelanne , :thumb283311181: , and mainstream sucks by luckylinx....

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Custom Wallpaper-Ringo Starr by GmannyTheAnimator Custom Wallpaper-Paul Mcartney Wallpaper by GmannyTheAnimator

Custom Wallpaper-R.I.P George Harrison (Signature) by GmannyTheAnimator Custom Wallpaper-R.I.P John Lennon(With Signature) by GmannyTheAnimator

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In My Life-George Harrison(For BeatlesBoy26) by GmannyTheAnimator In My Life-Richard Starkey(For Beatlesboy26) by GmannyTheAnimator

In My Life- Sir Paul McCartney (For BeatlesBoy26) by GmannyTheAnimator In My Life-John Lennon(For BeatlesBoy26) by GmannyTheAnimator

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Deviants I care bout:
i just tagged you guys :D
  • Mood: Sorrow
  • Listening to: A bunch of different songs.
  • Reading: Other things
  • Watching: Clarence (because it came on TV)
  • Playing: Spec Ops: The Line and The Sims 2
  • Eating: Nothing yet.
  • Drinking: Coffee
Hey guys, it's me Garren Novak, and I am here to give you the latest in my life. Well to start, I went to my friend's birthday party, on the 20th of July I recall. We went to the Santa Fe Bowling Alley, and we bowled for awhile, it was a ton of fun. We then went to the buffet and shockingly, I barely ate anything, idk just something in my stomach didn't feel right. I sat at the table and hung out with my friend's dad and such and everyone at the table, until it hit 7:30, which was around the time for my mom to come by the Santa Fe and bring us the card for our friend with the money slipped inside of it. We then signed the card, and gave it to our friend. She had a great time that day, as did we. A matter of fact, it was one of the happiest days of my life, I recall now.

The next morning.

I woke up and got on the computer to talk to my friend, the same from the party. We started talking until she had to go to summer school, then I layed back down. The time was 9:00, and I drifted on to sleep when I woke up to my aunt knocking on the door.
"Garren, wake up, your mother has been calling you repeatedly." I woke up and started towards the home phone.
I picked up the home phone, dialed the digits, and she didn't pick up. I sat the home phone down for a second and then I heard a ring.
"Hey Mom, what's up?" I asked, still a bit groggy from the lack of sleep.
It was my older brother, it sounded like he had been crying, I didn't know why though. "Just hand the phone to auntie."
so I did.
I then saw my aunt answering two phones, the other phone being her fiancée, trying to answer both correctly. My aunt got off the phone, and started to cry intensively. I didn't know what happened, but then my mind tried to piece it together. My mom was dead. She died of cardiac arrest brought on by suffocation, they think it was sleep apnea. She died in her sleep, the way she always wanted to go.

The rest of that week, we made preparations for a service. That included getting dress clothes, getting the kids dress clothes, making the playlist of songs she loved.
On the 2nd of August, 2014, we had her service. It was a beautiful service, with music, pictures of our mom, and a service with several speeches that my mom's close friends gave. We also went to the viewing, and her children, us, were the pall bearers of her casket. We lifted her in the hearse, went to the luncheon, and eventually went to my close friend's house. It was a very hard day, but I am appreciative that I was able to see her one last time, and it was an honor to be her pall bearer. Just goes to show, just when the finest fruits of life come, a storm has to over water the tree and kill it. Next time I have the happiest day, I will expect something to happen. This was Garren Novak, and this is the latest news of my life.


I want to sleep, to forget. by d1sarmon1a

Just wow.. This is just simply amazing sir or madam. I stumbled upon this piece and it just boggled me. The way you blended canvases wi...

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